Submit a Proposal

 We receive proposals from as small as $50 to as large as $40,000. For those proposals that are under $500, you will need to fill out the small proposal form. The most common uses of the small proposal form are for student organizations hosting event, plantings on campus, advertising, movie showings, student gatherings, and other similar projects. To get a better sense of additional examples, we recommend that you explore our projects page. For all proposals under $500 please submit:

Many of our proposals exceed the $500 limit for the small proposals, so for that, you will need to fill out the Large Grant Proposal form. One of the main distinctions of this form is the need to identify a campus partner for this particular project who is either a educational department or staffed department on campus. This is required because most large grant proposals involve establishing specific infrastructure that will need to be maintained that will be in existance long past a proposing students graduation. Examples of some large grant would be the infrastructure for the electronic bike stations, skateboard racks at the Student Union, and the hammock stations across campus. If your proposed project is going to exceed $500, please submit our large proposal form:


We challenge students to propose a green project for UNC Charlotte. The winners will receive a budget from us to carry out their project as we help make UNC Charlotte a greener place!

For those of you who are not familiar with our committee, here is some information that might help you out:

  • The Charlotte Green Initiative (CGI) is an 11 person, student-lead committee on campus.
  • Every full-time student every semester pays $1 out of their tuition to the ‘green fund’, which we are in charge of allocating.
  • We allocate this money to green projects on campus that students think, make, design, and build!
  • We have allocated as little as $300 for one project and as much as $40,000 for another.
  • Go to our Projects page for an incomplete list of projects we have funded as well as examples of some completed proposal forms.

We look forward to working with you toward a greener future.