1.     When is the deadline?

Proposals are due two weeks prior to the end of the sping and fall semesters.  We created this deadline as we may commit all of our funds after reviewing proposals submitted by this deadline.  It is also possible that we may have more funding available after the deadline and during the spring semester.

2.     How do I submit a proposal?

Check out our “Submit a Proposal” page here.  Send your completed proposal to CGI at charlottegreeninitiative.cgi@gmail.com

3.     Is there another way to propose an idea besides using the proposal form?

No.  We will make decisions based on the proposal document, which is the Google Form links provided on the website.  More information can be provided to us as we review the proposals as a committee through in-person meetings and additional documents.

4.     Is there a minimum/maximum amount of funding allowed per proposal?

The best way to answer this is by looking at our previous projects section.  We are interested in reviewing all sizes of proposals. 

5.     How can I get more involved with CGI?

If you are interested in joining the committee please check out our Join the Committee Google Form and send a completed membership application to us.

6.     What are some examples of projects that have been proposed?  What types of projects are you looking for?

Check out our previous projects section to see what we have funded in the past.  In the proposal document we will ask you to explain how your project applies to campus sustainability.  We want to hear any type of idea you are interested in!  If you have any questions, feel free to include them in an email with your proposal document.  You can contact us at charlottegreeninitiative.cgi@gmail.com

7.     If I come up with a ‘new’ idea or if my idea becomes very successful, would I be given credit for it?

Your project and proposal will be featured on the CGI website (pending your approval).  We are working to develop other recognition methods for projects.

8.  What would I be expected to do if my proposal is accepted?

The amount of time and effort devoted to a project varies from proposal to proposal.  Some projects have been hands-off and handled within the university, while some students or faculty who have submitted proposals have taken a more hands-on approach, such as with the Van Landingham Glen Stream Restoration project. Part ot the proposal writing process is to identify on-campus partners that will help see a project to completion and make sure its impact carries on after a student has graduated.

All project teams are expected to submit regular status update reports to the CGI committee.  We also ask that completed projects help promote CGI to the campus.

9.  Can I submit an idea that is not complete? (i.e. if my idea still needs some ‘technical’ explanations, etc.)

We ask that you do your best in preparing your proposal document.  We need enough information to know your project is sustainability-oriented and will give back to the campus community.  Note that we do require an expected budget for all project proposals.  You can send a draft proposal to the committee before the deadline, which is two weeks prior to the end of each semester, so we can help answer questions and provide some feedback.

10.  Who should I contact if I have further questions?

Contact us at charlottegreeninitiative.cgi@gmail.com.  A selected committee member will then reach out to answer your questions.